Ooni host Aje Festival



The Ooni of Ife and Arole Oduduwa, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi, Ojaja II, has said that survival of the African people rests heavily on the sustainability of the Traditional Culture saying government and the people must collective utilize the culture as a way to greatly record productive economic advancement.

Ooni Ogunwusi who is the Spiritual leader of the Yoruba race worldwide made the disclosure on Monday during the celebrations of annual Aje Festival (deity of wealth) at Ile-Ife.

He said that Nigeria is abundantly blessed with cultural tourism potentials capable of turning the country to a viable economic nation.

The African foremost monarch added that the county’s cultural potentials should be productively showcased as culture does not affect religions saying Culture does not even have a specific religion.

“As Christians or Muslims, we all need to respect our cultural heritage.”

“In 2017, we prayed during the Aje Festival and we centered our prayers on the economic recession, and within one week, we surprisingly experienced dollar crash from about #480 to #350. ”
” We have prayed and very soon, the economy will improve tremendously “. Ooni said.

“AJE is the spirit of market profitability. That is why it’s festival is very important to all humanity, because nobody can survive without it”.

“If we do business, profit is expected, if you work you expect stipends at the end of the month, so that is simply ‘Aje’, ” , he expressed.

He urged the Youths to be industrious so as to fulfill their destiny and not to take the short-cut route to success.

The Co-chairman of National Council of Traditional Rulers of Nigeria implored Youths to be agents of peace and refuse to engage in brigandage as election period is drawing nearer. He also prayed for the peace and progress of Ile-Ife, State of Osun, Nigeria, Africa and the world as a whole.

“Don’t let politicians use you for thuggery or election violence as you too can be in their positions if you discover yourself and remain focused and full of determination. ” he counselled.

“As we are gathered here today to celebrate AJE the festival of wealth, the Almighty Olodumare(God) will answer our prayers, he will abundantly give us peace and economic progress in Ile-Ife, in the State of Osun, in Nigeria, in Africa and. the world at large.”Ooni prayed

In her speech, the Iyalaje of Apapa, Lagos and the Chief Promoter of 2018 AJE Festival, Princess Toyin Kolade, said that Yoruba culture is too important and rich to be ignored if we a must be seen as a serious people who care for the future generations because it depicts a significant perspective.

According to her, Aje is a festival of wealth which radiates on all the nooks and crannies of the world from its root at Ejigbomekun market, the world’s oldest market located at Ile-Ife, the cradle of Yoruba race.

She called Nigerians to value their cultural heritage, rather than ignoring them in favour because of foreign Culture and religion.

Veteran Yoruba Film Actress, Mrs Idowu Philips popularly called “Mama Rainbow” who led other Nollywood actors/actresses including Saheed Balogun in her short speech eulogised Ooni Ogunwusi for his unprecedented strides especially in Peace making and Cultural tourism revolution. Mama Rainbow urged all the other Traditional rulers in Yorubaland to emulate the Ooni who she described as “uncommon king”.

Facts about monkeypox virus (Educate yourself)

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Recently, Monkeypox virus outbreak occurred in some states in the South East and Eastern part of Nigeria. Lagos State also recently reported a case of the virus. In the Northern part of Nigeria, Zamfara State reported the first case of the virus also. So far, in Ibadan and Oyo State, there have been no report of this virus. That said,we need to educate ourselves on what this virus is, the cause, the symptoms and the treatment of Monkey Pox virus.

What is Monkeypox Virus

According to the World Health Organization(WHO), Monkeypox virus (MPXV) is an orthopoxvirus that causes human monkeypox (MPX), a viral disease with symptoms in humans similar to that seen in smallpox patients. Human monkeypox is regularly reported in villages of Central and West Africa close to tropical rainforest where there is frequent contact with infected animals.

How is the virus transmitted

Monkeypox is usually transmitted to humans from non-human primates, squirrels or other rodents through contact with the infected animal’s blood or through a bite. The virus can spread from human to human by both respiratory (airborne) contact and contact with infected person’s bodily fluids. Risk factors for transmission include sharing a bed, room, or using the same utensils as an infected patient. Increased transmission risk associated with factors involving introduction of virus to the oral mucosa. Incubation period is 10–14 days. Symptoms include swelling of lymph nodes, muscle pain, headache, fever, prior to the emergence of the rash.

Prevention of transmission of virus

Vaccination against smallpox is assumed to provide protection against human monkeypox infection considering they are closely related viruses and the vaccine protects animals from experimental lethal monkeypox challenge. This has not been conclusively demonstrated in humans because routine smallpox vaccination was discontinued following the apparent eradication of smallpox and due to safety concerns with the vaccine.

Smallpox vaccine has been reported to reduce the risk of monkeypox among previously vaccinated persons in Africa. The decrease in immunity to poxviruses in exposed populations is a factor in the prevalence of monkeypox. It is attributed both to waning cross-protective immunity among those vaccinated before 1980 when mass smallpox vaccinations were discontinued, and to the gradually increasing proportion of unvaccinated individuals. The United States Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) recommends that persons investigating monkeypox outbreaks and involved in caring for infected individuals or animals should receive a smallpox vaccination to protect against monkeypox. Persons who have had close or intimate contact with individuals or animals confirmed to have monkeypox should also be vaccinated.

Treatment of virus

There is no known treatment of the virus. The people who have been infected can be vaccinated up to 14 days after exposure.

So be informed before the outbreak gets to Oyo state, like 9ice said in his song Health is Wealth

Olojo Festival 2017: Ooni unveils media sponsors he begins 7 day seclusion


The annual celebrations of OLOJO FESTIVAL 2017 has commenced in Ile-Ife with the movement ​of The Ooni of Ife, Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II into​ a seclusion of 7 days which began on Sunday to terminate on Saturday when the Arole Oduduwa is expected to appear to the public with sacred Aare crown only worn once a year by Ooni.

Ooni had earlier in his Palace unveiled BET9JA, a betting company based in Lagos as the media sponsor of the festival believed to be the most important of all the festivals in Yorubaland being the festival that celebrates Olodumare (GOD) and the first day(Ojo) before he subsequently processed alongside with his Traditional aides called EMESES and later joined by thousands of the people who accompanied him to the Traditional Supreme Court(Iledi) located along Iremo road recieved by the waiting kingmakers known as AGBA IFE with whom he held a brief meeting and offered prayers for the nation before later moving to the sacred seclusion house (ILOFI) where he would remain incommunicado till Friday night.

While unveiling BET9JA as the media sponsor of the Olojo Festival, Ooni Ogunwusi called on the media to assist in creating positive awareness about Yoruba traditional festivals, saying that is the only way the people can be totally freed from the slavish mentality​ inflicted on us by the colonialists who had only come to turn us to their slaves even in our own land.Highlighting what he will be doing during the seclusion, Ooni told the newsmen in his palace that he shall together with the deities reviewing the last one year and offer prayers to the Almighty God (Olodumare) for the entire country and its leadership as he would not be receiving visitors nor be seen outside to avoid unnecessary abuse of the sacredness of the period.

“our ancestors will be appeased during the period and by the time I come out on Saturday for the grand finale, the seclusion rites would have been be concluded.

“It is a celebration of creation of the universe and many visitors from within the country and the diaspora will come around to celebrate with us. My duty is specifically to offer prayers and that I will do to the best of my ability.” Ooni said.

On the significance of the festival, the Spiritual Leader of the Yoruba race worldwide said Olojo is the celebration of first dusk and dawn and creation of the universe, with an assurance to work towards promoting further all notable cultural festivals in Yorubaland.

This year’s edition is expected to witness an unprecedented participation of foreigners the members of the black caucus of Pennsylvania House of Representatives and about 150 other black Americans have already indicated interest to participate in the Festival.

Yera Moses Olafare,
Director, Media & Public Affairs,
Ooni’s​ Palace

Ooni hosts Emir of Kano…Sues for peaceful co-existence


By: Comrade Moses Olafare,

The Ooni of Ife, His Imperial Majesty Ooni Adeyeye Enitan Ogunwusi Ojaja II on Wednesday, April 19, played host to the Emir of Kano, His Royal Highness Sanusi Muhammadu Sanusi.

Presentation of gifts

The Emir accompanied by senior members of Kano Emirate Council said he was in Ile-Ife to formally congratulate Ooni on His ascension to the throne of his forefathers and to appreciate him for his fatherly role sequel to the recent Hausa/Fulani crisis in Ile-Ife.
The Emir thanked Ooni and the people of Ife for the warm reception given to him and prayed for the robust continued relationship between Kano Emirate and Ife Kingdom.
“I was here as a prince a couple of years ago in company of my late father Emir Ado Bayero during the 30th coronation anniversary of the late Ooni Okunade Sijuwade, Olubuse II. As a prince, I had always felt welcome in this palace and today, on arriving here, I have received the same welcome as a member of this royal family.
It is indeed remarkable and we thank Allah for the way he does his things because the relationship between our two predecessors which was critical to building bridges across the Niger and unifying the people of this country has continued with us and I hope we will keep being agents of peace and unity for our great country” Emir said.

He added that his visit is both a happy and sad one.  “My visit here today is a happy and sad one. It is a happy one because it is an opportunity for me to come and formally congratulate you on your enthronement and it is a sad one because it is in connection with the sad incidence that occurred at Ile-Ife recently.
I know many people from the North have been complaining that I have been quiet on this matter, let me say that the moment this sad incident happened, His Majesty the Ooni of Ife reached out to me and Sultan, both of us have reached out to Ooni on a number of times and we are satisfied with the fatherly way he has so far responded to the crisis which we see as a confirmation that he is truly the father of all in Yorubaland irrespective of tribes and religion and we felt that so long the Ooni was doing  everything humanly possible to stabilize the situation, there was no need for anyone of us to make any statemen that could worsen the situation. Let me also add that I was to be here with the Sultan but he had to travel and he has asked me to represent him and all the Northern traditional rulers.”
He concluded “I on behalf of Sultan and the other Emirs commiserate with you over the sad incident and follow up by making for the great leadership you showed during the crisis and the quick manner in which you doused the tension and the way the culprits were apprehended for justice. You showed indeed that everyone in Ife is your subject which is the way it should be. The family we come from and the institution we represent are institutions that take responsibility for protecting the lives, property and dignity of our people living within their jurisdiction irrespective of where they are from. We thank you for playing that role.
He equally commended the Governor of the State of Osun Ogbeni Rauf Adesoji Aregbesola for setting up a high powered commission of enquiry to look into the matter and immediate cause of the incident and to recommend appropriately so as to avoid future re-occurrence and to ensure that justice is done. He said “Our relationship in the country is such that safety in one place is safety everywhere.
In his own remarks, The Ooni thanked the visiting Emir who he described as a perfect gentleman and a courageous intellectual for the visit and expressed satisfaction with the reaction of the entire Northern leaders over the ugly incident.
“When you are talking of intellectuals in Africa Emir Sanusi is actually a force to reckon with. I have always had tremendous respect for him. Thank you your Highness for this historic visit. You are a detribalized Nigerian who has always shown love to members of other tribes. My love for you dates back to when you were Governor of Central Bank of Nigeria as your courage of calling a spade a spade actually drew my attention to you.

You and I met in the UK and we had intensive conversation as regards the crisis and the need to strengthen the unity of all Nigerians. That meeting played a significant role in finally dousing the tension. You are indeed part of us in Ile-Oodua and we are also part of the Kano Emirate. Our prayer therefore is that our relationship will continue to wax stronger” Ooni Ogunwusi said.

Ooni, Emir of Kano and his Chiefs

Ooni also appreciated the role played by the government in their demonstration of love and responsibility “The State government of Osun have played their role very responsibly well by swiftly rising to the occasion, and severally visiting the affected areas with solidarity and donation of cash and other relieve materials. Same goes with us here at the palace, Ife prominent indigenes and all the Yoruba leaders of thought.
We have been doing this just to give them the assurance that we are one big family and I have since been working perfectly with the Sultan and the Emirs for the sustenance of the peace that we have restored after the crisis.

After presenting the Emir with an artwork gift representing the cultural diversity in Nigeria and the unity of the people, Ooni Ogunwusi and his chiefs led the Emir and his entourage on a visit to the Hausa community at the Sabo area of the town where they both had a brief meeting with Seriki Hausa and his people.

Ooni of Ife and Emir of Kano in Ife
Note:  Writer is the Director, Media & Public Affairs, Ooni’s Palace

Alesinloye traders bulk against council’s eviction notice


Traders at the popular Alesinloye market in Ibadan South West Local Government of Oyo State have kicked against the council’s decision to evict shop owners to pave the way for Ajimobi Shopping complex.

The local government, in a letter titled: “Notice to quit”, dated November 18, and signed by Ayelagbe O.A. on behalf of the caretaker chairman, directed shop owners within Alesinloye market clinic to vacate in seven days.

Efforts made by market executives and traders to stop the eviction failed.

A market leader said a meeting with the caretaker Chairman, Rauf Folarin, did not resolve the matter.

An affected trader, Saka Salami, who was at the meeting, said the council was bent on demolishing the shops.

Salami said: “The chairman gave us seven days’ ultimatum. We told him that we were not illegal occupants. All appeals fell on deaf ears. Instead, the chairman said when completed, a shop shall be allocated to two people.

Another trader, who gave her name as Mama Ayo, said: “We were given permanent allocation by the council and we also pay tenement rate annually. It is wrong to revoke our permit. We were not given any long notice. Why would the council that legalised our stay turn round against us?”

The council’s Information Officer, Segun Adeyemo, said the Director of Estate and Valuation, Ibadan South West, Gabriel Oyeniyi, told him that “the notice was served on the traders adjacent to the fence of the zonal revenue office, which is sharing the same premises with the market clinic”.

Source: The Nation

Ladigbolu family and Ajimobi in N16 billion land tussle


Parties in the lingering legal tussle over the large expanse of land measuring 404.74 hectares around the National Horticultural Research Institute, NIHORT, Ibadan, may have to wait till November 23 to know the next direction in the matter.

Reason: An Ibadan High Court has reserved ruling on the admissibility of a document tendered by one of the plaintiffs in the N16 billion-land dispute involving the Ladigbolu family of Ibadan and Governor Abiola Ajimobi of Oyo State.

The concerned families under the leadership of Chief Ganiyu Ladigbolu and 21 others had filed a suit against Governor Ajimobi, the state Attorney -General and four others ‎over the parcel of land.

At the last sitting, the 3rd prosecution witness, Adeniyi Dada Bolarinwa told the court that it was Baale Lasogun who is now one of the defendants in the case that gave him Letter of Attorney as the Managing director of STAD Investment Company Ltd to be the representative of the entire family on the 404.74 hectares of land now in dispute.
Bolarinwa who was led in evidence by his counsel, Olayinka Abiose told the court that he made three statements to the police on May 2, 2013, December 12, 2013 and June 20 2016 in respect of the case.

The STAD boss also explained that the Federal Ministry of Land, Housing and Urban Development had through a letter dated April 20, 2011 invited him on behalf of the family over the land based on the Letter of Attorney given to him by the family.

Though, Bolarinwa told the court that the original copy of the letter was kept by the Ministry of Land Housing and Urban Development, attempt to tender its copy was opposed by counsel to the defendants.

According to the defence counsel, the plaintiff did not lay proper foundation for the tendering of the copy and at the same time did not inform them that he was going to tender such a letter as an exhibit.

It was at this point that the trial Judge, Justice Adegboye Gbolagunte adjourned the case to November 23, 2016 for ruling. ‎

Source:The Guardian

Driver whose truck crushed 4 to death appears in court

An articulated vehicle driver, Aderemi Adebiyi, was on Tuesday brought before an Iyaganku Chief Magistrates’ Court for allegedly causing multiple deaths at Oja’ba market in Ibadan.

Adebiyi of no address is charged on four-count charge of murder, causing injury to people, causing damage to shop and tricycle.

The Police Prosecutor, Sgt. Sunday Ojeleye, told the court that Adebiyi drove an articulated vehicle with registration number AGL 883 XQ and caused the death of four persons.

Ojeleye said Adebiyi, having no regards to other road users, drove in a dangerous manner at that particular time.

“Adebiyi caused the death of a woman, Koni Busari, 27, and her twins children Taiwo Busari, 7, Kehinde Busari,7,as well as Monsuru Ajedayo, 37,” he said.

Ojeleye said Adebiyi caused injury to one Salawu Akin, 54, Monsuru Ayoade, 27, Mojirayo Sule, 28, Dapo Payimo, 28, and a policeman, Sgt.Lawrence Isevbisua F/ NO 387116.

“Having no regards to all circumstances of the case, Adebiyi allegedly caused damage to one Nissan Micra car with registration number GGE 234 DR and four tricycles, popularly called “ Keke Marwa”

He said the registration numbers of the damaged tricycles were: LES 506 QA, EJB 188 AB, TUT 407 AB, JTA 168 WY”

Ojeleye said Adebiyi also caused damaged to the shop of one Adegboye Oderinlo.

The offence was said to have been committed by Adebiyi on Oct.18 at about 8:05am at Oja’ba area of Ibadan.

He said the offence contravened Section 3 (1) Cap 142 Vol. V of Road Traffic Act, Law of Oyo State, 2000. The offence also contravened Section 23, Cap 148 Vol. V and Section 4 (1) of RTA Cap 142, Vol. V, Laws of Oyo State, 2000.

The Counsel to the accused, Mr Abiodun Ige, implored the court to grant his client bail in the most liberal term.
The Chief Magistrate, Mrs Modina Akanni, granted the accused bail in the sum of N200, 000 with two sureties in like sum. Akanni adjourned the case till Dec.14 for hearing.

Source: Vanguard

Oyo State to hold Amala Festival December 15-17 at Trans Amusement Park

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In an effort to promote Yoruba cultural tourism, Oyo State Government, in collaboration with some notable associations, has concluded arrangements to organise Amala Fiesta.
Mr Toye Arulogun, the state Commissioner for Information, Culture and Tourism on Tuesday in Ibadan publicly presented the Amala Fiesta Logo and Brand Ambassador.
At the event held at the Western Hall, Agodi Secretariat, Mr Gboyega Olatunji, a former aide to Gov. Abiola Ajimobi, was presented as the Amala Fiesta Ambassador.
The News Agency of Nigeria (NAN) reports that ‘Amala’ is the Number One food brand of the Yoruba race.
‘Amala’ and its complements, ‘Ewedu’ and ‘Gbegiri’ are a delicacy for occasions of any magnitude associated with Yoruba race.
Arulogun said that the food festival would open opportunities, create employment and promote cultural tourism.
The commissioner said that the three-day fiesta would hold from Dec. 15 to Dec. 17 at the Trans Amusement Park, Bodija, Ibadan.
He said that ‘Amala’ represented the homogenous nature of Yoruba people, the culture, health and wealth.
“The Yorabas are indigenous to South-West Nigeria, and ‘Amala’ is not only indigenous to the Yoruba race but symbolic as the commonality and strong bond of a people.
“Amala is the Oyo State’s foremost delicacy which has become a national pride with international presence and worldwide acceptance,” he said.
Alhaja Iyadunni Lawal, Proprietress of Iyadunni Food Canteen, Ibadan, said at the occasion that Amala had become a delicacy for all, irrespective of ethnicity, religion and tradition.
Lawal, who represented Canteen Owners’ Association of Nigeria (COAN), Oyo State Chapter, commended the state government for the idea.
Mr Philip Areo, the Vice-President, Tourist Care and Hospitality Association of Nigeria (TCHAN), Oyo State Chapter, noted that `Amala’ consumption had provided employment and promoted food tourism.
“Farmers produced the raw material for Elubo, Gbegiri and Ewedu, while the transformation to edible substance involved many.
“If you look at these processes, it allows more opportunities, more revenue and economic development.
“A lot of my friends come from Lagos every weekend to eat Amala in Ibadan,’’ he said.
NAN also reports that the programme is being packaged by the Oyo State Government in collaboration with COAN, TCHAN and Association of Local Governments of Nigeria (ALGON), Oyo State Chapter.


A faction of Accord Party led by Ladoja is skeptical of the impending LG elections


National Leader of the Accord party and former governor of Oyo State, Senator Rasheed Ladoja, yesterday, raised an alarm over the commitment of the All Progressives Congress-led government in the state to conduct council election despite the announcement of February 11, 2017, as the date for the polls.

National leader of the party, Rashidi Ladoja, attended the congress held at the Green Spring Hotel, while the other faction, comprising some notable members of the party in the state, held another congress at the Olubadan Stadium, Ibadan. Both congresses were witnessed by officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission.

Ladoja, who spoke during the state congress of Accord party held at the Green Springs Hotel in Ibadan, said the alarm about the date stemmed from failure of earlier promises on the proposed election.

Those elected at the well attended congress, which was witnessed by officials of the Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) and security agencies, include Alhaji Wahab Oyelade (state chairman); Dr Nureni Adeniran, who was immediate past publicity secretary, was elected state Secretary; Mrs. Yetunde Ajibola (Women leader); Akeem Olatunji (Publicity Secretary); Youth leader, Mr Adekola Adeoye; Organising Secretary, Nasiru Adeniyi and Treasurer, Pastor Oladimejo Orolade.

The chieftains of the party at the congress are Senator Olufemi Lanlehin; Chief Bayo Lawal; Chief Dele Adigun; Prof. Tunde Ayeleru; former deputy speaker, Hon. Babatunde Olaniyan; Hon. Olayemi Busari; all eight Accord members in the state House of Assembly, among others.

The Osi Olubadan, however, said Accord is always ready to challenge and defeat the APC at the polls anytime the election would be held, assuring the people of the state that his party would meet their aspiration for a better government.

He emphasised that Accord remained the party to beat in the state in both the council election and future polls with its over 200,000-strong and ever-grow-ing membership.

Ladoja, who lauded the party faithful for their peaceful conduct at the congress, tasked the new leadership elected through affirmation to reposition the party for greater performance and appeal to aggrieved members.

He said, “It was difficult to choose 20 people from our registered members who are in excess of 200, 000. Everybody cannot be elected as executive member and this is what those who are aggrieved must realise and retrace their step”.

The newly elected state chairman, Alhaji Oyelade, assured of bringing aggrieved members back into the mainstream of the party, saying “it is good to have a party but it is better if the party forms the next government in the state.”

Adeniran, the newly secretary, called for the amendment of the constitution to pave way for INEC to conduct local government election in states as it did in 1998, a council poll he described as the best council so far held in the country.

He said, “I won election as council chairman under the Alliance for Democracy in 1998 and AD won 18 councils, PDP nine and APP six in that election. Despite AD winning the governorship election in the state, it was not a clean sweep for the ruling party because INEC conducted that election.

Source: The Punch and National Mirror

Austerity: Beggars invade ATM points in Ibadan, security risks


Olufemi Atoyebi, Ibadan

Customers in some banks in Ibadan, Oyo State, have expressed fear over the invasion of the Automated Teller Machines in the areas by beggars.

Our correspondent learnt that in Dugbe, a business district where several banks are located, beggars waited anxiously at the banks’ cash points to receive alms from customers who withdrew money from the ATMs.

The beggars on Sunday were also observed in some of the banks in the Ring Road area, where customers appealed to the bank managements to ensure safety by ridding the cash points in the areas of unknown people who posed as beggars.

While some of the beggars were women with babies, others were young boys and girls, as well as middle-aged men with various forms of physical challenges.

A bank customer, Arowolo Sheriff, said, “It is pathetic that the managements of banks would allow their customers to be embarrassed by beggars. The beggars are in almost every bank. They wait for you to withdraw money and then approach you for alms, even at night.

“Most of the time, the ATMs dispense high denomination like N1,000 and N500. If I withdraw N5,000 for a purpose, will I give out N1,000 to a beggar? There is nothing wrong in giving alms, but being harassed by beggars is a breach of our security system.”

A trader in the Gbagi area of Ibadan, Agnes Adetunji, said she withdrew more than N100,000 from the ATM each time she wanted to pay her suppliers, adding that it was possible for informants to pose as beggars and give information to robbers.

Source: Punch