See video and pictures of fetish things this house help is caught with

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Again this is a reminder to be wary of who we hire and put in the house to do house help. Two days after Segun (No known last name) was hired by a family at VGC Lekki, he was caught in the room with fetish objects seen in the video and pictures. Segun is a Republic of Benin native.

Before deciding to hire house help, especially one who will be living with you, do proper background check, take pictures, ask questions.

Kutelu Obirin Oge(New Epic Yoruba Movie) a must watch


Toyin Adedire, Ibadancityng Nollywood Reporter

Kutelu Obirin Oge (beauty beyond death) is beautifully fierce, powerful, chaotic and dangerous woman. She enslaved humans and challenged the gods with her enormous beauty. She was never scared of burning but became FIRE herself. Is beauty trully power? Is she even human?

Kutelu Obinrin Oge is a trado-modern movie that describes the great peril that lies ahead of vanity. Kutelu Obinrin Oge is no doubt a must watch for everyone who appreciates a highly educative, cultural-rich storyline with lessons of lifetime.

The movie featured the legendary Aworo and Orisabumi together after 22 years. It is highly intriguing, educative, informative and entertaining. Written and produced by Akorede Tunde ( Omo Baba Oba) directed by Wale Ilebiyi and  amazing superstars like Ayo Adesanya, Oloye jimoh Aliu, Orisabumi, Musiliu Dasofunjo, Moji Afolayan, Wasilat Coded, Yetunde Bakare, Habibat Jinad, Peter Ijagbemi, Skery Bakare, Taiwo Okunlola, Khalid Ayanshina, and many more. Here are some pictures and videos from the movie

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Toyin in Apete, Oyo State interviewing citizens on the the economy of Nigeria


As the current situation of the country gets harder and citizens are feeling the hard times, our reporter went on the streets to get a feel of how people are viewing the current situation in the country and a host of other issues:

Nigerians protesting the high cost of electricity…..enough is enough

Thousands took to the streets of Ikeja today voicing out their displeasure of the high cost of electricity and the lack off today. They marched and bused to the Ikeja electricity company at Alausa, Ikeja today and peacefully voiced their feelings. Protest led to gridlock traffic around the city.

It is time protest like this start happening around the country to let our politicians know we won’t sit back and accept what isn’t fair anymore.

Looking forward to more protest on the scarcity of fuel and long lines at the filling stations in the future.

Video of Salawa Abeni and her son: Nice song but dressing is appalling, watch

This is a nice Salawa Abeni remake song with her son at the recently concluded Felabration. But really, do we always have to copy the Western world in everything we do? I am thinking the son, BigShef,(his stage name) wants to be like Rick Ross. Someone needs to inform him even Rick Ross is trying to trim down. This is not healthy, and then to expose all that flesh? Salawa too needs to be advised, yes she is trying to look hip for the crowd, but Madam, what you are wearing in this video is not hip. Nice song though but “gentlelady” won’t dress like that.