“I can’t marry a Man that cannot kneel to beg me…” – Arike Gold

In a recent interview with Actress and Producer Folorunsho Adeola Abisola aka Arike Gold, the beautiful screen Diva opens up explicitly on her personality,  lifestyle,  career and future projections.
By: Abimbola Oluwafemi
 Q: Tell us a little about your background – Family, Education, Choice of career, etc., before movies?
ArikeGold: I’m from a Polygamous family. From my Mum we are Six; 3 Boys and 3 Girls. I finished from a Catholic Comprehensive High School and then went to Moshood Abiola Polytechnic where i had OND in Mass Communication and later proceeded to University of Ibadan where i got my Degree in Philosophy.
Q: So, how did u find yourself in Nollywood or why did you choose Acting?
ArikeGold: Acting is what i love and have passion for ever since i was young. I can remember at a time when i told my Mum about my intentions of going into movies and entertainment generally, she told me she can’t allow me to do such because of some negative things she has noticed or seen with people that are into Acting. I wasn’t pleased with her opinion and also felt bad. After a while, I had to talk to her that Acting is what i really love and that I will make her proud of me. She accepted and informed her friend, Actress Toyin Adegbola (Asewo to ré Mecca). She adviced me to join any Acting Group close to me and that was when i joined Mr Latin’s Acting Group in 2007,  which was also the year I finished from Moshood Abiola Polytechnic.
Q: How many movies have you featured in or Produced by yourself?
ArikeGold: I have feature in more than 30 Movies so far…. I starred in movies like Ayonitemi, Olowolayemo, Baba Gomina, Orisun, Ipilese, Eri Oni, to mention a few and I just recently concluded on a movie titled IKE, proudly Produced by my humble self! The trailer will be out on my birthday this 22nd of November, 2016! Watch out for it!
Q: A Nollywood Actress and Producer recently accused most married actresses of being promiscuous and not being able to thrive in the industry without not doing ‘runz’. What is your take on this?
ArikeGold: I don’t believe in that ooo. When you are hardworking, creative, positive minded and you believe in anything you are doing, I am sure the sky will be only a starting point. I don’t believe all Actresses are doing ‘runz’. I have said it before and i will still say it again; ‘We spend more than what we earn’ to make a good movie’.
 Q: So, aside Nollywood, what else are you into?
ArikeGold: I do Business but acting has really taken that from me of late. I am working on going into Food related Business soon.
Q: As a Producer of a New Movie now; how easy would you say it has been? Running from Pre-production, Shooting & Locations stuffs plus Post-productions.. ?
ArikeGold: (cuts in) It’s not easy at all i must tell you but to God be the glory. From the beginning I had put everything in God’s hand and He is in-charge till now. Glory be to GOD!
Q: Is your production going to be on Yoruba Movies alone & are you planning anything outside the shores of Nigeria soon?
ArikeGold: Sure! Aside my just concluded movie, IKE, i am working on a project that will embrace major Actors around West Africa and Nigerian Actors in Diaspora. It is going to be a great one!
Q: How do you relax?
ArikeGold: I stay in-door most times. Other times, I go out to watch movies and also hangout with my friend.
Q: Which Male Act will you say is your Best Actor so far and you will love to work with? Home & Abroad?
ArikeGold: My Best Actor so far is Richard Mofe Damijo (RMD) but I will love to work with Ramsey Noah and John Dumelo.
Q: So, how will you describe your ideal man?
ArikeGold: My ideal man must certainly be a creative and hardworking man because i hate poverty. He must also be God fearing… (i don’t mean SU type), very romantic and handsome. The major of it all is that he must be very understanding and patient. I can’t marry a Man that cannot kneel to beg me when he offends me or cook for me to thrill me. He must be 100% Romantic!
Q: Recently, you got featured in some major movies, newspapers and sites. How is the celebrity life like and how are you managing it?
ArikeGold: Success, you know, is what everybody doing our job is praying for and as I am doing my job well and great results are coming, Popularity, Fame, Recognition and a whole lots will set in. At that point, I have to appreciate the celebrity life. I also have to help others to attain greater heights while God helps me in return. These are what I wanted. Even though I am not where I want to be yet, I still thank God that I am not where I used to be! I Thank God for that!
Arike Gold 1
 Q: Any word for your Fans, Followers, Lovers and those willing to venture into your kind of career?
ArikeGold: Yes, I want to thank you guys for supporting Arike Gold and praying for me all day long. You all are the reason i wake up with smiles on my face; you are the ones that keep motivating me and i want you to know that ‘I love you all and I appreciate your love for me. You are all my ‘Arike Gold Soldiers’ and I must say Thank You All. And to guys out there willing to go into realizing their dreams, I must say to you, don’t let anyone or anything quench your dreams! Keep Pushing and Pushing until you get to your rightful destinations. The only person that can stop you is YOU!
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