Sallah ram is going to be expensive this year(Video)


Just like prices of everything  has gone up in Nigeria, ram is not left out. Buyers are groaning and complaining about how much more they have to pay this year to buy ram.

Survey shows price rose between 25% to 60% compared to the previous year depending on area. Contributing factors for the price increase include unstable environment in the north, rise in dollar, transportation and the inflation.

Ibadan is not left out in the price increase, a visit to the ram market at  Bodija, Liberty Road and Sabo areas of Ibadan, Oyo State, findings revealed increase in prices of rams, depending on sizes and buyers’ negotiation skills.

A medium size  white haired ram sold for about N30,000 last year is now selling between N40, 000 and N45, 000, at Bodija and Liberty Road, it was about N60, 000 and N650, 000 in Sabo, where the biggest ram was sold at N200, 000. For the smaller rams that averaged about N17,000 naira last year, you are sure to cough up at least N30,000 to get the same ram this year.

A seller interviewed blamed the closure of Niger Republic border due to Boko Haram activities, transport fare from the north and cost of feeding rams as the the major contributors to the the price increase.

Some buyers who every year buy at least one ram now pool money together with family members to buy their rams this year.

However most buyers and sellers concur that no matter how high the prices are, Sallah will still be celebrated.

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